ANDREW THOMAS HUANG is a filmmaker and artist from Los Angeles. His work has been showcased at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase at Cannes Lions, the Hammer Museum’s Flux Series, MOCA Taipei, ZKM Media Museum among others. Huang is known for his music video collaborations with the Icelandic artist Bjork, as well as Sigur Ros and Thom Yorke’s band Atom for Peace. He has also collaborated with fashion designers Iris van Herpen, Gareth Pugh, and threeASFOUR. Andrew graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Animation from the University of Southern California.






31 thoughts on “AUG 26- ANDREW THOMAS HUANG

  1. Evan Tedlock says:

    I remember seeing ‘Solipsist’ pop up in my Vimeo feed a few years back. It struck me as unique, offbeat, mystical, and extremely interesting. What followed were several heated debates with peers about how this visual style was achieved. I was really excited to learn tonight of the entirely hodgepodge aesthetic piecing together that that film took. Andrew referred to his interest in collage as an entry point into his fascination with medium mixing. Another interesting aspect that was more implied in his presentation was the amount of research and study that went into creating not only the technical aspects of these projects but also the conceptual aspects. To me the strength of Huang’s work lies in his unique aesthetic and his visual poetry. It’s a seasoned artist who can acknowledge the need to resign themselves and their ideas to the art. To notice that Bjork was performing in such a manner that “She was the visual effect” speaks in volumes.

    The biggest takeaway from this event was a view into the life and process of a creative filmmaker. Exploring the conflict between idea and budget, design and execution, technology and purpose. Andrew explained the necessity to work with collaborators even though it may be more comfortable to work on your own. I really connected with his statement about designing way too much and then whittling it down and his encouragement to practice developing your voice. In all it was a very stimulating evening.



  2. Shang Song says:

    Make a deep impression. The last time I saw BJork was in a movie, many years ago. Huang’s works have made me deeply understand the spirit of Iceland, a kind of strength, the tenacious life of life in his art design.
    I didn’t understand the “device art”, but his work was still moving, even though I wasn’t there. Good works! I advised him to try to design the game, so that more people can see the work!


  3. David Nessl says:

    I really enjoyed Andrew’s seminar. It was kind of a shock, being a Bjork fan, and here is an alumni explaining his process and direction for a recent music video of hers. Very rich with imagery and the fact that Andrew worked with Eric Hanson on the visual effects was inspirational and encouraging, considering our future in DADA and our careers after graduation. I think the most effective part for me and my own growth as an artist was when Andrew explained that his own weird project was the one that got the attention of other talented artists. I feel more confident in trusting my own style and voice from his confidence.
    It was great when Andrew turned the questions to students–asking what they would like to know from his experience. I think that is when people began to open up and really connect with his presentation. All I have to say is “Wow,” especially in light of his work with Bjork and MOMA of NY. Even though he didn’t get a dome like he had envisioned, the final installation was brilliant. After it was over I was reassured that maybe one day I could create something as beautiful, and hopefully walk in similar footsteps of amazing alumni like Andrew Huang.


  4. Makar (Ke Ma) says:

    Andy’s work is really impressing and experimental, I enjoy listening to the collaboration story of him and Bjork. It’s really helpful that he explained the whole process of making the “black lake” project from concept to the final production, including the challenges they faced. It’s also good to know the development process before the final looks came out that you really need to do plenty of designs in order to choose a best one. Btw Andy is really friendly and encouraging, thanks so much for his advice on my personal project 🙂
    Makar (Ke Ma)


  5. Erik Dumas says:

    I thought Andrew’s talk was incredibly informative, especially when it came to describing what it’s like to work with a collaborator on their artistic vision. To me, I think one of the most frustrating, but often rewarding things about working with other people is translating other peoples concepts and ideas through your work. It’s amazing to me how sometimes you end up with something far greater than you could have accomplished by yourself, but you also get ideas and concepts from others that you never would have thought of.

    I also really liked how throughout the project with Bjork, he was willing to completely scrap grand tech ideas in favor of creating a more emotional piece. I think it can be really difficult as an artist to do that sometimes, but the technology and techniques should always come second, and be in service to, the emotional side of the art.


  6. josephetemadi says:

    Mr. Huang is an amazing artist and it was a privilege to see his work and hear about his process in person. I really admired his use of texture within all of his videos, and how he managed to bridge the gap between reality and fiction. The renders he had for his 3d composites were so clean and clear, you really felt as if they belonged within those natural and strange environments. I also liked how much thought he put into his work in order to create an even blending of media, and how he managed to capture the imagination of his audiences.

    Mr. Huang’s presentation was great because of his honest and candid demeanor. He really seemed to care about informing our class about the process and realization he had in producing his work. I loved how he told us to pursue our own visions and to make the most of our own work, and to pave our own paths for success. He gave us an honest perspective of the journey he took after graduating from school, and it’s awesome that he is an alumni of USC.

    I really loved the behind the scenes images and videos he showed us. I think the most interesting aspect of his presentation was seeing the visual development for the Bjork piece at the MOMA. I loved seeing the different designs, the ups and down, then the final realization of the piece. Overall, it was a great first class and big thanks to all parties involved.


  7. Yu Yu says:

    I love some of the songs from Bjork. She developed the art in her own way. It’s really hard to tell what kind of singer or artist she is, neither pop nor alternative. That’s also why it’s hard to cooperate with her, to express her feelings and thoughts. But Andrew Huang did that.

    A successful artist is not only making beautiful works but knowing how to communicate with others. Lots of artists, including me, love to work alone. Yet working with others can bomb out more sparkles of life. It’s amazing and thoughtful that to develop a story based on the client’s background. Take the painful divorce as the beginning, Andrew Huang helped Bjork to over start and finish a healing journey.

    I really like the ideas that pearls stream out from the healing wound. The pearls are indeed from the injury of clams, and take a long time to form. It’s a best metaphor to describe the recovery of heartbreaking. I wish was there in the museum that I can experience the video art by myself in the designed environment.


  8. Chung-Hsuan, Fan Chiang says:

    I was very impressed by the visual art of the project with Bjork we saw today at the seminar, which plays with the texture and interacts with the unique environment in Ice Land.

    To be honest, I was not a big fan of the singer, but this latest music video of Bjork was something that attracts audience’s attention and and a milestone of applying immersive media to music artists. I like the idea of seeing the landscape from Bjorkʻs point of view, and also the visual effects of the blue lava and the way that expresses how the broken relationship influences her and transforms into a wound, which hurts and heals at the same time. I really hope I would get chances to work with such a talented and creative team in the near future.


  9. Franklin Okike says:

    I found Andrew’s work astonishing, right from his concept designs to the finished pieces. I have never fully welcomed abstract animation or mixed media before but the BJORK piece was absolutely incredible. I found the “BJORK – VULNICURA MOVING ALBUM COVER – FAMILY “piece alluring because as animators, we have trained our eyes to detect flaws especially when CGI is involved but I could tell a lot of work went into tracking the CGI wound, peal and vines to match Bjork’s position, lighting and hand gestures. It’s funny how a typical person would prefer realism from CGI but Bjork was more satisfied with a blinn shader instead. I am slowly beginning to appreciate mixed media more and the next big thing VR (Virtual Reality)!! Would it not be awesome if we had a seminar on VR and our “guest” speaker was Eric Hanson?

    Although Vray is an impeccable tool, it honestly did not come across as the preferred render engine used because it is famously known for its architectural or automotive power, I guess my question is why not Arnold or Renderman?

    I know for a fact that obsessive animators tend to become introverts with time (I’m an example) but when you work with a team it makes you less isolated.
    In all I give Andrew a lot of credit, not because he directed the video but because he was involved in every medium, platform and step of the way with enthusiasm, dedication and passion for his craft to see Bjork’s vision manifest.


  10. Kun Xia says:

    Andrew Huang’s talk was fascinating and inspiring. His presentation was attractive, he did not talk a lot about himself, and instead he gives a very exhaustive explanation of the creating process for the “black lake” project. And I really like how he conclude his idea and use the ideas when he directed the music video. The video explores the potential for Virtual Reality as a performance platform outside the scope of a traditional music video. The artist Björk gives music the same consideration as painting or sculpture seems not to have taken place. Björk is really building a cooperative artistic practice that spanned media and registers, high and low, to unprecedented public effect. In the video, I really like the simulation of the Neon blue lava pours out of the ground and Björk’s movements intensify, culminating in a sequence in which she beats her fist against the ground and later on. the part is really emotion and touching. In the end, I really appreciate the presentation and wish to see more great works from Andrew.


  11. HyeonJeong Cho says:

    It was such fun time to see the artist who pushes the boundary between ‘experimental art’ and ‘commercial film’. His artworks is well polished harmony with fine art and animation – or can be said, mixed media. He is a person who can be an example how animation can interact with other form, and field of the arts.

    My favourite part of His seminar was that not only did he show a complete film but also presented a whole process of development for the project. It was a valuable lesson how Huang communicated with the artists and rendered their idea into his distinct atheistic form – because that is the situation I will encounter when I get involved in the industry.

    I can feel his passion throughout the seminar, the way he gave a presentation was very energetic and powerful, and he never lost his smile on face. Even QnA time, He was so nice and informative, it was felt that I knew more about Huang not only about his aesthetic view, but also personal perspective.

    Thank you for great presentation! I indeed enjoyed it.


  12. Amir Arzanian says:

    It was interesting for me to be in this lecture specially because I visited “black lake” at MOMA. A work that to me was like a geographical pain. The installation room looked like a dreadful cave full of weird embossed works which in combination with the Bjork music it felt like a painful experience. When I say it was painful I don’t mean it as a negative characteristic. Clearly that was the intention of the artist to pass pain to the audience. When Andrew was talking about the process and Bjork’s ambition about showing a wound it became more clear to me how successfully they urge the audience to walk through their cave of pain.
    The work of Andrew as the director was certainly outstanding. As he mentioned they had some bigger plans for the exhibition like creating a dome or interactive media. I think his rule as a director became more important when they were faced with problems like budget shortage. He successfully managed the project in a way that beside of the budget problem it did not lose its essence. Using visual effects and long screen for sure were impressing but I agree with Andrew that Bjork’s performance was the key part of the show. Her performance was like a naked pain on the screen.
    It was fascinating how they used the concept of wound and healing for the cover album video. Although its visual characteristics were different to “Black Lake” but it was well connected to that concept.


  13. Yingzong Xin says:

    Andrew is a talent man, his works are full of imagination and creativity ,I really love his works. Especially the Black Lake video he made for Bjork is my favourite one. When I first saw it, I thought the video is weird , Bjork’s performs also seems exaggerate and crazy.. As I know this album was created after Bjork broke up with her partner, the sadness seems shows even stronger, the scenes are so beautifully and the intermittent sound is like melancholy ,long, withdrawing roar. It is totally let me move.
    Andrew’s work is really makes my eyes open, I enjoy his beautifully weird ideas and image effect very much. As he said, the communication with the work partner is so important ,only that we can know the really thought in other people’s mind, what kind of effect he really likes and which emotions he wants to express ,ect.


  14. Mayra Flores says:

    Andrew Huang’s work is truly unique in that he creates works that are a seamless combination of live-action and cgi. Rather than being an interplay of two techniques, the worlds he creates through digital and organic means are part of the same realm.

    The amount of research that went behind creating the Bjork MoMA retrospective and “moving” album cover is evident. He was definitely successful in transporting us into Bjork’s world.

    I really appreciated how he not only walked us through the technical and financial process of working on a project of this magnitude but also spent time to talk about the artistic process. There was a lot of thought and care that went behind crafting every image. I was really impressed with he and Bjork were able to collaborate and create imagery for soemthing so abstract like emotions—truly stunningly powerful images. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.


  15. Sequoyah Madison says:

    “It’s really about the art of subtraction, “ Andy Huang announces. What Andy continues to stress and what I have pulled from his lecture Wednesday evening is in order to excavate from what you have, you really need to throw all the ideas you can at a project. Work really hard and give it all you have so when the time comes to strip back, the solution for how to communicate the raw pure idea (that make the project worth doing in the first place) is blaringly obvious. Advice I have heard time and time again is boil it down to the main idea. But what I think Andy added and put so eloquently, is that in order to boil down one must first build up. It was clear his copious amount of visual development lead to a deeper understanding of what he wants from each individual project. “Do lots and lots of designs and when you think you have done enough, do more.” You can only find your voice and who you are as a film maker by making the films. Film making is collapsing and moving around quite a bit, so it’s a great time for experimentation and new approaches – that is without losing all sense of narrative. Never lose the beginning, middle, and end, never lose the story. And finally when you have the story and the work, then you need to socialize, because you can’t do it by yourself. You need the actors, the dancers, the audience. This is what I learned.


  16. Joe Stucky says:

    Andrew’s presentation was great. I have always loved Bjork”s fun and quirky style and performances. I think Andrew was able to meet her talent with his own amazing imagery ambition, and creative insight. I really I appreciate the glimpse he so kindly shared of how to collaborate with other artists. It is so interesting how when searching for something creatively you must lose yourself in the process enough that it begins to create new possibilities.

    Andrew mentioned that, you have to stay in the practice of recreating your voice. This is so true. Thank you for sharing with us Andrew.


  17. Junyi Xiao says:

    Andrew Huang’s work is truly amazing! Combining surrealism with 3D technic, his work become quite powerful. The concept art is also fantastic. The MV he made for Bjork is incredible too, his art style works well with Bjork’s music. I do like his presentation and really had a great time.


    • I was deeply impressed by the two dimensions that artist Andrew mentioned in the presentation — collaboration of the multiple plan and the field investigation to get texture and inspiration.

      From the case of Bjork’s new album “Vulnicura”, the process of making the film and installation can truly show his ability to organize different media and communicate with others precisely. Especially for this project, this series is trying to visualize emotional core of Bjork about trauma, wound and healing. So it is amazing that he can turn all these abstract elements into expressive and touchable dynamic images.

      Besides, the field trip to collect data and look for specific world to express her fragile heart is another aspect interested me a lot. Instead of staying in a particular working space to complete the work, he set his body and soul free, bridging connection with Bjork by viewing her performance.

      “When you think enough, you need to do more.” he said during the speech. With constant trying and doing experiments, it is the only way to “collage” ideation together seamlessly.


  18. Yijie Li says:

    As a more experimental music genre, it is always harder for the ordinary, normal audiences to comprehend and enjoy the melody or the rhythm. However, through ANDREW THOMAS HUANG’s works, I can see his effort in building a bridge between the fanciful music and audiences. Every pieces of his works either contains abundant color impacts or the small, breathtaking sparks. From here I see that maybe this is destined that one of the strangest musician and this rising visual artist will gather together and present the newfangled art to the world.

    To me, I am really hypnotized by ANDREW’s “SOLIPSIST” which is really a masterpiece. I admire his abilities to easily handle the surrealistic elements based on the practical object. They are strange, but they are charming. It is always excited to ask: “What will come out of ANDREW’s mind?”


  19. Jinzhidu says:

    I literally p’erI literally perceived the charisma of experimental music which is combined by fantastic visual music after I watched Andrew’s works, even I am actually a music blind. To catch the most regular audiences who are always confused by experimental stuffs, a good visual effect is the most efficient and ordinary way which is also necessary. When I was watching the making of of his works, I was think about that such a perfect visual effect, blue lava, explosion and some strange liquid… Who did this?

    Back to Andrew, he is also awesome, he could organize all the elements in his project. Everything in his work looks so orderly and extraordinarily. His design is so mature, gorgeous and fashionable. Looking forward his bigger achievement.


  20. Tuo Kan says:

    I really enjoy Andrew’s presentation. His works are kind of far away from what I am doing, But after he showed us the sketch of Bjork. I suddenly like his work. I can feel the sense of fashion and how fluency the lines of his sketches and concepts are.

    The best artwork I think of his, personally I like the one dome supposed to build up in MOMA but canceled because it’s literally too expansive to set up everything. But I like the contract with black thorn and white space. That’s like a giant virus, poison and dangerous.

    After this presentation, I am looking forward to track his works in the future. I am definitely become a fan of his beautiful artworks.


  21. Katie Smith says:

    Andrew’s presentation was insightful, unique, and really thorough. I loved seeing his process from start to finish, and I especially liked how he showed concept sketches and photoshop mix-media pieces that he would pitch to Bjork. The way they collaborated on this was very inspiring. He became a part of her life during a very tough time that she was having, and helped her shed the past and start fresh (literally!)

    The tasks and artwork seemed like a daunting feat, just by watching Andrew you could tell he handled everything calmly and maturely. I loved that he fought and tried so hard to get the dome in MOMA, and that in the end it still worked out (even if it wasn’t his original vision.) His use of outside influences and pulling in different artists was also great – for instance, how he brought the artist on board to make the different sound wave sculpts for the inside of the dome.

    I also very much appreciated his Q&A with us at the end of his presentation. He spoke about the value of your voice, to listen to other ideas when collaborating with others but also to keep your own voice in the project as well. Specially I really liked how he said ‘it’s a journey, keep developing it [your voice] and it will come out of it.’ He also emphasized not putting so much pressure on yourself. This really struck home with me, as I’m searching for my own artistic voice and tend to put a whole lot of pressure on myself. I feel many artists deal with this and it’s always a very friendly reminder to just breathe.


  22. Jing Huang says:

    Andrew gave us a amazing presentation. When I watched the first video he show to us, I were curious about what in his mind and why did he want to do this project. And then, he has showed us the video about the making progress and I fund my answers in his video. He gave so many details to support his work, on the beginning I saw the scene—- liquid flow from a woman body– I felt a little bit uncomfortable, but from his lecture, I understand it.

    In Andrew’s work, the combination of the scene and music is perfect and powerful, make me impressed. That is what I need to learn from him, and I will try my best to make my work much more powerful and appealing.

    Looking forward to see Andrew’s next fabulous work!


  23. xiruiliu says:

    Andrew’s art work combines with the music video is so fantastic. I am totally love the situation that the singer singing in the rock cave, the style is so wired and exaggerate. Within the 3D technique modeling the flowing of rock-magma, the final effect of the music video is presentation one kind of contemporary art. also, he divides the screen make the visual more impact on illusion. for clothes, he uses the 3D print technique, so the clothes are more strong and the woman looks like come from the future combining a lot science fiction elements.


  24. Min Shi says:

    I’m actually a huge fan of Bjork.

    From Andrew’s work, I can see the beauty of 3 dimension world the beauty of texture and the beauty of the combination of realism and abstraction.

    What resonated me most is that Andrew uses some unusual textures like wax, magma, moss, ore in his project, however, it seems that the special textures fit so well that even exaggerate the emotion. From his work I can see the cinematic scenery, unexpected visual expression and meticulous shots of course, these elements make Bjork’s performance much more stronger and powerful.

    Looking forward to see his next work!


  25. Lucia Masuko says:

    The works he did with Bjork were all very beautiful, but grotesque (in good way) to represent and make viewers feel unforgettable.
    The one, which was called moving album cover was very interesting art work.

    It seems to represent cruelty of humanism and the world, but in same time, sexuality and tenderness(softness, kindness) of woman are shown. First of all the posture of the woman looks very unfamiliar, which makes the viewer feels uncomfortable, or emotional instability. The texture he used are magma, and plants are seemed to look very opposite. The colors are gray/black based, to colorful were very interesting. Those gaps makes the art means some theme to think about.


  26. Megan Simon says:

    I thought Andrew gave a talk that was very inspiring, yet had much practical advice. His video with Bjork was absolutely astounding. I found it exciting that he was discovered by Bjork by simply doing his own thing. Indeed, he mentioned many times that a way to stand out is to practice your own interests in order to grab attention for your work. He emphasized not to put pressure on yourself, as he experienced graduation after the recent major economic crash which left his career in a very questionable state. Considering how much the animation world is in constant flux with studios leaving LA, added to the fact that I am a new graduate student who has yet to prove myself – I can relate to the anxiety of the unknown future. Andrew even mentioned a need for solitude. It was nice to see a successful artist who was able to balance an active networking life, while also creating the opportunity for himself to withdraw into a creative tempo away from socialization. What I got out of his talk was to not be so nervous, to seek what I need to create my work and focus on developing own unique voice by allowing myself to gravitate toward my natural interests and curiosities.


  27. Jinyue Wan says:

    I really like ANDREW THOMAS HUANG’s work. His feeling of art and music is amazing. In fact I used to saw his early work before this seminar, he always can fit the picture with the music perfectly. Through his work, he seems prefer to use some abstract icon to express the emotion and meaning of the music.


  28. mengna Lei says:

    I think I really enjoy his art work, they are high tech and also experimental. the after effects work combine with live shooting is perfect matched. the lowing magma is amazing with the music beat. i am a big fan of Bjork, her film Dancer in dark is really amazing. I like the way she sing, her voice. I think her music video keeps her characteristics about her music. and Andrew really get the feeling of her music. the tension of her music. I really enjoy the screening of his work and his lecture.


  29. yudu says:

    I thought ANDREW THOMAS HUANG’s work is very inspiring especially the works he did with Bjork. I am not a big fan of Bjork, but I fell in loved with this piece of music and visual work. It successfully combines abstract art and the computer science. And brings the visual effect technique to a new high level. The world the he has created using after effect technique is so real at the same time so surreal. I love how it has a photorealistic render quality. The complicate texture and lighting creates as well as the dramatic and delicate movement created a fantastic atmosphere. At the same time the forms and shapes are so organic and so unreal. It is different from earlier pioneers computer generated animation which just simple lines and shapes. At the same time not the same as most of the current Hollywood visual effect CG movies.


  30. Aya Kashima says:

    It was a great opportunity that we could have presentation from him. Andrew’s work are successful in combining fine art and visual effect, he uses effects to show the emotional movement in the film. Honestly until I saw his works, I never thought that fine art could be combined with 3D graphics, but his works make these effect organic and alive.

    Also his attitude as an artist inspired me. I understand that it is hard to create what we really want to make in the commercial environment. He encourage us to follow our own voice and listen to other ideas to collaborate with others.


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