BART KRESA, Founder and Master Projection Designer with over 20 years of industry experience and unparalleled expertise in developing engaging projection experiences. Together with design teams from Japan and Poland their projection experiences have top awards from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. BKD’s clients include international corporations: Universal Studios, Disney, ABC, HBO, Fox Entertainment Group, General Motors, Warner Bros. Studios, T-Mobile, The Grammy Awards, Playboy, Oprah Winfrey, and Fredericks of Hollywood, Bulgari, and government bodies: CCTV China.


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28 thoughts on “NOV 18- BART KRESA

  1. David Nessl says:

    Bart’s work is magical and I’m sure he will keep producing art that dazzles various structures. That being said, I feel that projection mapping needs to take it a step further by utilizing the science behind light and its interaction with organic and inorganic materials. This way Bart’s work could either give a lasting impression. It would be fantastic if a projection could actually change a physical aspect of the surface. Recently as a mural artist I’ve been looking into using temperature sensitive paint so that murals react to rainfall or sunlight. I think the same concept could be utilized for projections.

    Think of phosphorescence and photoluminescence–how could light actually produce a realistic change in the environment. Certain flowers react to sunlight, and I’m not sure if luminescence from projections could cause a bloom or a change in organic material, but it would be awesome. Most projected work stays in the same complicated and extravagant style; skulls exploding here, saturated colors bursting from complicated designs there. It seems to get overwhelming at times and I wish that more profound, simplistic ideas could emerge from this art form.

    Bart is onto something when he spoke about structures containing a soul. I truly believe an environment can influence you and inspire you–giving good and bad feelings. I’m a big supporter of the paranormal and this could just be my own crazy brain talking, but I find it fascinating. I certainly believe that you can define a building or surface from the visuals you imagine. I can see this becoming a fine art that showcases a beautiful design which in turn moves its audience in a way that goes beyond just visuals.


  2. Evan Tedlock says:

    This presentation blew me away. The sheer scale of these projects is enough to induce awe but not only are these projections big, they are also carefully crafted and executed at a level of quality that only 20+ years of experience can support. I was also impressed by the humble nature of Bart and his absolutely apparent love of what he does. You can tell that he is invested and all in and that he works himself to the bone to create these experiences. Buildings and surfaces become luminant as he converges several of the highest quality projectors to convert these spaces and erase the structures.


  3. Joseph Etemadi says:

    Both comments above are great. I also really enjoyed Bart’s presentation, and was simply amazed by the level of professionalism and artistic expression he has managed to achieve with his work. I think it is really beautiful when an artist can take any canvas and immerse the audience within the piece itself.

    I was also really impressed by the choreography of the work and how perfectly it managed to capture and transform the space and architecture he was provided. The choreography by Bart and his team in achieving such enlightening pieces was also a characteristic of his work not be taken for granted. There is a lot of hard work, labor, and planning that goes into creating such large and magnificent projections.

    This semester, I have been further introduced to work within the field of art and animation that I feel like I may have taken for granted. I absolutely loved the virtual reality presentation with Kevin Mack, and this was another experience that really showed me a different avenue artists and animators could take with their skills. Thanks again to everyone for such a great seminar class.


  4. Okike Franklin says:

    All Both comments except that of Joseph are both on point. I enjoyed Bart’s presentation right from the work being done to the technical side of it. it’s amazing how you see a build before it’s been projected on and afterwards, it almost feels like the building transformed.
    Another fascinating thing about Bart’s talk was his approach to a project, it’s interesting and quite unbelieving to know that he hardly tweaks his projections to fit the buildings rather he uses the features on the buildings to enhance his work.


  5. Yingzong Xin says:

    His art is completely different from our previous encounter other artists to show their unique artistic vision Aspect and sharp on the building, which not only requires enormous financial resources, but also a very strong concept of space, by the projection of this simply is not simple another simple way to show self-expression in the world this huge curtain, I saw him in his mind if going to complete a perfect work of art requires not only technical ability and fine inner need tireless patience and conviction.


  6. Erik Dumas says:

    Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of projection mapping, but the work that Bart showed was absolutely stunning and gave me pretty good reason to change my mind. I loved his use of bright colors and that he and his team try to make use of the architecture of the building when planning their designs. I would love to be able to see some of his work in person someday. As good as it looked on screen, I can only imagine how much better it would be in real life.


  7. Katie Smith says:

    This was so fun to see. I always love hearing the ‘how I got here story’, and Bart’s was certainly interesting! Going from being in a successful band, to realizing that wasn’t the path he wanted to be on & going back to school, to where he is currently – super successful with doing projection mapping. It reminds me how life is never a straight path & you must be open with where you’re going and trust that things do work out! Bart started doing this because he loves it, and it really shows through in his work. He seems like someone who has a good grasp on things – eating healthfully, living a balanced life (even if that means not sleeping when working on a big project), and doing what you love. I really enjoyed his talk and seeing his work. To see his work in person (at an event, not here on the screen) would be staggering.

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  8. Kun Xia says:

    I really appreciate Bart Kresa’s presentation. His large scale projection mapping is just mind blowing. I really like one of his work the” Shogyo Mujo”, which utilizes 360-degree projection mapping to take artistic sculpture to the next level as temporal dimensional artwork that pulsates to music. The skull sculpture is a three-dimensional structure displayed with projection animation. It is fascinating to see that those animation loops perfectly mapped and an extensive set of real-time looks, and attendees actually can experience constantly changing artwork and interact with the skull.


  9. I deeply impressed by what he said in the beginning of the speech – “every building has a soul”. So he will go to the scene to experience at first and then start to design graphics which can fit specific environment. Kind of alloy of psychological and practical experiment! The most important thing about architectural mapping is establish common visual language to interact with audience; it will be immersive to translate main idea from creator. He gave supportive example is the case from 2012 took place in Warner Bros. The main theme is jungle party which turned arch into a baboon’s face with gorgeous colors and arranged two motion capture dancers to do interactive performance.

    However it’s really hard to tell what kind of feeling I have when I saw recording of these mapping cases, but something I’m sure is that visual music performance + mapping projection need to be viewed in live ! so that audience can get immersed in the environment. And also that kind of emotion is formed naturally when the moment audience is in part of performance.

    With the reaction from audience, the show likes some sort of light ceremony. Because people have tendency to search and worship for light source out from cave (which remind me something about Plato’s allegory of the cave) , the performance and transformative images like a script which can lead them to get excited and feel the ecstasy moment of finding light source.


  10. Yu Yu says:

    Bart Kresa not only talked about his own work but mentioned a little bit of the history of projection art. It let us know more clear about who influenced him and what he might want to do next. I’m not a big fan of projection mapping, but I am indeed stunned by his works. I like his works carefully combined with the building he worked on. He loves all kinds of buildings as well, studying them before he designed the art. Bart Kresa believes that every building has a soul. His work is to evoke their souls, not just add things on them.

    He is also a great artist who know exactly what he wants to make more progress, and learns more from every project. There’s always something that we can learn about. Hope I can enjoy my future job as he does, can discover new things through working.


  11. Amir Arzanian says:

    Every building has a soul, that was the essence of Bart Kresa lecture. I impressed by his professionalism and his knowledge about his job. His lecture about the history of the projection mapping was quite interesting and new for me. Bart works was really amazing specially the skull that he had created was wonderful. His design for Coldplay concert on Hollywood Bowl was nice and attractive. Something that was surprising for me it was the fact that he came from music world to graphic design. It was more surprising to hear that he was successful musician and he quitted the music for another goal. It’s hard to judge but I think he got to the place that he can be considered successful so he may reached his goal.


  12. Shang Song says:

    I learn from it, can have more possibilities in the projection art.
    As a branch of the art of the device, it may be very useful in concert, but I am more considering the new application of the projection technology: for example, VR technology, and the combination of traditional stories.
    VR and video games are one of the biggest markets in the future, and I have not seen the projection of the public area, or the projection of the video game in the personal space, as well as most of the art works of Bart, are focused on the abstract visual performance, rather than the traditional narrative. Believe me, the traditional narrative will bring greater market.

    finally,thanks Bart,and Maks~


  13. HyeonJeong Cho says:

    It is always fun to see the people who truly enjoy their work. I guess Bart Kresa is also one of them.
    Although I’m not a big fan of projection mapping, his works are just astonishing. I watched few projection mapping that did on flat parts of buildings, yet his works are not only very enormous but also aesthetically detailed and beautiful.
    “Every building has a soul ” What a amazing phrase, as an projection mapping artist, believing it, finding it, pulling out and seeing what he derives must be very amazing thing.
    I wish I had a chance to see his work in person. That must be very overwhelmed experience.

    Thank you for a great seminar, and sharing your awesome work!


  14. xiruiliu says:

    Bart Kresa is an pioneer artist in projection mapping area. I like the art works he made.

    In my point of view, combining technique and art work is a new art form and becoming more and more popular. The most challenge part for him must to find the interesting and unique shape of each different buildings. But, also this is the most creative phase. In this lecture, he shows a lot of building’s photos and patiently to explain his feelings and imagination when he decided to choose those buildings.

    Otherwise, I like the light ejection of the skull, it is so amazing and beautiful, using lighting to make an animation is so hard to control the angle and not easy to make sure it won’t be out of the shape. But, he is successful to make this fabulous artwork out, I really appreciate that I can learn this art form from him.

    He is really a kind person and showing his create process step by step to us. As a art student, this is kind a new world in front us and he gives me the key to know it. I hope I can learn more projection mapping stuff in the future.


  15. yudu says:

    I am a big fan of projection mapping! The works from Bart Kresa are so great!!! I love how his work is so colorful, how he smartly uses the location and the space of the stage, and also how he combines the music and the imagining. My favorite of all is the skull that is in Japan if I remember correctly. Since the skull itself is a 3 dimensional object. I can totally imaging how hard it is to unfold the skull and apply movie file on it, not the mention how difficult I will be to plan carefully so that the projector can perfectly project the images on the skull. The result is perfect! Furthermore, remember there was a project that he made which combines performance art, interactive media and projection mapping. It is such a cool idea that I hope he can do more in that area. I hope he will have some chance for students to do internship with his. I bet we will be able to learn so much from him!


  16. Jinyue Wan says:

    Projection mapping is very new to me, I don’t know any technique about it. There a few times I saw projection mapping in some cool shows or exhibition, but I have no idea how they made it.

    Bart Kresa’s presentation just offered me a very good introduce of projection mapping. Now I know it designed in 3D software, and need to consider with the shape of some special screen such as building or sculpture. And I even start to imaging someday if I get a chance to make animation for projection mapping how should I did it. And I’m also planning to learn more about the technique things.

    And the most amazing things of projection mapping is it can connect the real world with the virtual world, and it can expand people’s imagination. That’s what art should do for the audience.


  17. Jinzhi Du says:

    Really like Bart Kresa’s Work. Every work looks so delicate and talent. The skull one is very out standing. Very appreciate Kresa could share his work experience with us.

    it is very cool to see a projection mapping in a public area. It gives audience different feeling to watch a daily building.

    dActually in China, more and more project mapping works are holding. And I am looking forward I can see project mapping artists such as Kresa can do some project in china. In some beautiful buildings which is I am familiar with.


  18. Zhaoyu Zhou says:

    I love projection mapping a lot so I really appreciate that BART KRESA is here. His concept and design are attractive. I am a designer, and by learning new techniques, I have been more interested in projection mapping. It is an amazing bridge that connect virtual to reality, which will offer a new way for people to experience how artists or designer can eventually make. And I think Bart has done an amazing job.


  19. Tuo Kan says:


    I have a very great time by watching Bart Kresa’s amazing work in this seminar. And that is definite one of my favorite seminar experience this semester.
    He said he was in a boy band. And he gave up the fame in music to do projecting art. And absolutely he does another great achievement in projecting art too. I really like the project that he worked with Marks. The ship’s surface is unprojectable. but they make it work. As he said, it doesnt matter what is the building’s original look, after they project on it, it will become more lively and beautiful.

    And he said, before doing every project, it’s better to know the spirit/soul/personality of the building. Then they can be better. I really want to work with someone who make such amazing works. And being apart of these arts in the future.


  20. Joe Stucky says:

    Thank you Bart Kresa for your phenomenal presentation. I have been interested in projection mapping for some time and seeing a glimpse of your process is an eye opener. Directing the imagery and the production speak volumes about your capability to see projects through. I love the scale of your work even the skull which was really cool.


  21. Min Shi says:

    Bart Kresa’s projection mapping is amazing.

    Bart showed us the history of projecting mapping a little bit. I am also fascinating about that when he talked about the texture and surface which can be used in projecting mapping. it is seems that he has the ability to transform space dimensions into a feeling even an emotion.

    The skull is amazing, for me it is really hard to imagine the process of making that kind of art form which combine traditional art form and media with a new tech.


  22. Jing Huang says:

    Barl’s work is pretty nice. I like the story how I got here. And he is certainly a great artist. His work remind me of watching a show in China, the light and music are really amazing. I love enjoying shows like that. Mapping, the project by him is such a nice work, and I wish to know more about the details which may also befefit me for my longer study.
    Thanks again for Barl’s presentatioin.


  23. mengna Lei says:

    the skeleton is so astonishing for me. the patterns mapping on the whole skeleton head and keep changing. I feel i can just watch this for a long time.

    it is so fun to mapping the media arts on the specific building or sculpture. it is like to recreate the art work, bring them to live.
    one of his work amazed me a lot. it is a church, he take the advantage of the shape of the wall , designed a specific to fit the shape of the wall is really talented.


  24. Yijie Li says:

    Bart Kresa is definitely a wonderful technical artist of projection art. One thing that Bart really impress his audience is he can adjust to the objective situation, improvise and use the particle shape or texture to strength his work which prove to be a very smart way to establish his own thought without any limitations.

    However, Bart’s work reminds me that almost all the projection art doesn’t show much potential of telling a story. I guess it is because its feature is public art and it is more effective to only convey the emotion. We will see how this branch of art will evolve in the future.


  25. Aya Kashima says:

    I really enjoyed his presentation!
    Bart’s art work is amazing, I want to try the projection mapping for next project. I think the quality of projector is getting better enough to create screen in everywhere. I appreciate for what he said about his job, “bringing the soul of building”. He understand the structure of building and brings character from it to transform into his art piece. Also projection mapping is effective way to entertain people by providing the dreaming space, which was really interesting to me.


  26. Sequoyah Madison says:

    I really appreciate how Bart started his lecture with a brief history of the projection art that came before him. It provided context and believe unintentionally highlighted what made his work different from that of other projection artists. He explains that projection art is an immersive media where people are physically and emotionally effected because the environment itself is so enveloping. It was interesting to hear Bart’s perspective on VR and how he thought it removed a personal touch because it is not physically there and spectators need to change by putting on a headset in order to view it. One of the most captivating parts of the lecture was when he explained the limitation of his art. Not only is there the limitation of time of day but the materials also are an concern and the number of projectors to get the right color vibrancy. Glass and steel are hard to project on, but there lies the intrigue, how do we make the impossible possible? And if you can accomplish the impossible then you can change the world. Lastly I found Plasma Projection extremely interesting. Bart explained that it was fairly new and that it consisted of two lasers that hit one another to create an object in space without the need of a surface to rebound off of.


  27. Junyi Xiao says:

    I really appreciate Bart Kresa’s presentation.

    Bart showed us the history of projecting mapping a little bit. And that is definite one of my favorite seminar experience this semester. My favorite of all is the skull that is in Japan if I remember correctly. Something that was surprising for me it was the fact that he came from music world to graphic design.

    Thanks to eBart for such a great seminar class.


  28. Chung-Hsuan, Fan Chiang says:

    Bart’s massive works absolutely inspired me a lot. Such a great flow of the speech with images and video clips, with amazing and abundant of master pieces. He shared how he thinks when he creates his works, and also how to execute all the works that requires a lot of collaborations with artists in different fields. I myself am pretty interested in projection mapping and would like to explore more of the techniques, and Bart’s works definitely are the best demonstrations of how far this media can reach. I did enjoy his lectures and hope that I can see his works in person, or even participate in the projects someday.


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